Relief Starts Here

Interview with Laura A. González Laura's thesis show, We Are Pleased to Announce, references placeholders for displays and announcements, flattens the space with fluorescent lights -akin to the ones in which we find ourselves when at office spaces and subway stations alike- and recreates an empty waiting room, filled with flyers for psychic readings. She combines… Continue reading Relief Starts Here


When we started working with Marvin Heiferman about the concepts for this year's SlideFest presentation, I knew two things: a) it was a presentation of everyone's work within a timed frame, i.e it lasts for about an hour and everyone gets approximately 5 minutes; and b) the work was gonna be put together based on… Continue reading DESIST, Elf!


Last week Nayland Blake asked us the question "If you could choose any book from the ICP library that everyone hast to know about, which one would it be?" First of all, the ICP library is a vast magical kingdom of all things photo, and is one of the most important resource for photographic research… Continue reading ~~~~COLOUR TREE COLOUR FUN~~~~

Paste Mix Tapes Mix Maps Exit Maxi Step

Two weeks ago, one of my co-years' assignment to me for Graduate Seminar was to think about a specific event that had happened -rather accidentally- during the hanging of our past group show: while putting my pieces on the wall (five prints of various sizes), I used a metallic tape measure that I well, taped,… Continue reading Paste Mix Tapes Mix Maps Exit Maxi Step

The Greatest Villain of the Art World

"Who is the art world's greatest villain?" was Nayland Blake's question to the Class of 2014 during last week's Graduate Seminar. From challenging the existence of a villain at all, to psychological malaises and whale killing, click-through to see the responses of Kathy Akey, Laura A González, Kasia Gumpert, Marina Leybishkis, Xavier Luján, Emilie Lundstrøm, Nina Méndez-Martí, Juana Romero, Aline Shkurovich, Kory Trolio,… Continue reading The Greatest Villain of the Art World

I Personally Believe, And Such As And (for the children)

If you are familiar with the gloriously infamous answer given by Miss South Carolina during the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant, you may find London's Lisson Gallery's description of Gerard Byrne's video work as one that: "examines the slippage between time and the act of image creation" and looks at the "dialectic relationship that exists… Continue reading I Personally Believe, And Such As And (for the children)

The Purpose of This Tool Defeated Itself

For whoever is visiting the blog now: we, the 2014 MFAers are pondering what our most essential/powerful/totally indispensable tool is, when making work. I meta-ly used my WordPress app to make a comment on this while talking about it, as a tool. My WordPress app posted it, erratically, then deleted it. IT'S OKAY. The purpose… Continue reading The Purpose of This Tool Defeated Itself

Laura’s Le Crap, Or TBC (infinite backlog) – These are things that we look at

Hello, -For whoever is visiting our blog at this specific time: we (the class of 2014) are kicking off the new semester by posting stuff that seems to be useful to each of us. -Having said that, I wish I would have written the entry below >>>>>>>>> K&M -Having said that, here's some new junk:… Continue reading Laura’s Le Crap, Or TBC (infinite backlog) – These are things that we look at