year one of two, for Marvin!

There’s a lizard on the wall of my bedroom, right next to the ceiling.  She’s about 2 and a half inches long and has barely moved over the past three days.  In the day, to encourage her to flight to freedom, I leave the window open, but so far she hasn’t wanted to escape.  Desired entrapment?  Perhaps.  After too many years of applying to grad school, I finally entered the ICP-Bard program last fall, eager to push myself and disrupt the way I have worked in the past.  I found myself pleasurably entrapped (with classmates beyond compare) in a program that challenged me intellectually, emotionally, and physically (no, not weight-lifting contests, just major sleep deprivation).  And it has led me here, to Arles, in the south of France, where I am participating in the ICP-Arles Exchange program, and sharing my bedroom with a small lizard.  Pas mal.

Vivian Maier


How important is a photographer’s personal life to the way in which their work is received?  And what happens when very little is known about them?  The recently discovered collection of Vivian Maier addresses these issues, in addition to raising questions about the dissemination, distribution, and sale of a deceased artist’s work.    Read and see more here, a fascinating article in The Christian Science Monitor by Marie Doezema.

Appropriation troubles

Richard Prince, reigning king of appropriation, has just been dethroned.  Or maybe just temporarily demoted.  On March 18th, Prince and the Gagosian Gallery lost the suit brought against them by French photographer Patrick Cariou for copyright infringement.  For his 2008 show at the Gagosian called ‘Canal Zone’, Prince took a large number of photographs from Cariou’s book Yes Rasta of Rastafarian men in Jamaica and appropriated them for his show.  He enlarged the images and altered them (sometimes only very slightly), with paint or collage techniques.  The implications for contemporary artists, many of whom use appropriation and copying (or for that matter their more subtle sister, referencing) in their work are far-reaching.  The ruling affects not only the future display and sale of such work, but the reception of and attitudes surrounding appropriation.  As example, see here from the Wall Street Journal.

A year ago

Like Rony said, it’s fucking cold in New York.  The temperature dropped 20 degrees from yesterday, and all I can think of today is what I was doing last year at this time.  I was heading through the Panama Canal on my aunt’s 40-foot sloop.

From Panama City, we went on to the Galapagos Islands, about 800 miles, or 7 days with spotty wind and troublesome motor, away.  Sailing can be really boring if you’re sick of your book and sick of sleeping.  Until you get visitors.