“A Massive Force Like That of Miracles,” an Interview with Emily Chiavelli

Yang:Tell us a little about yourself. Emily:My name is Emily Chiavelli. I grew up in Boston, lived in Kentucky for a couple of years, then lived in California for a while, then went back to Kentucky before I came to New York for this program. I have a BFA in photography from Northern Kentucky University.… Continue reading “A Massive Force Like That of Miracles,” an Interview with Emily Chiavelli

Theresa Ortolani, PDN Winner

Incoming ICP-Bard MFA student, Theresa Ortolani, was chosen as a 2014 pdn FACES Portrait Photography Competition winner. This is the seventh time Ortolani's imagery has been selected as winner of a pdn competition. Previous works have been included in pdn's Environmental Portraiture, Sports, Documentary and Book competition categories, and have twice appeared in the pdn Annual. The complete group of 2014 pdn FACES images can… Continue reading Theresa Ortolani, PDN Winner

Interview with Qiana Mestrich by Kathy Akey

Tell me about the title of your show. I've always been interested in how metaphors are used in daily language. If you break the phrase down, another definition of the word "dead" means "precise," like "dead center". The word "ringer" comes from a 19th-century horse racing term used to describe a horse substituted for another… Continue reading Interview with Qiana Mestrich by Kathy Akey

Things I never do when I take pictures

Take pictures to use in a project based in another medium http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSWl_TR-2C8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez9-WltlggM Photograph the interiors of other people's homes Put ads out on Craig's List for subjects Photograph my anti-aging products Appropriate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jye8xjE7q7c Shoot from the hip