3.000 beer crates

3.000 beer crates, 800 straw bales, 10 m3 of wood and 60 OSB boards, 120 railway sleepers, 1 old shipping container, 2 lorries of clay, 12.000 nails, 1 km of screw-bars, 3.000 wood and metal screws and other joining components, 120 volunteers’ hands, 5.000 volunteers’ hours within three months, 7.000 €…and…no need of official permission:-)… Continue reading 3.000 beer crates

Eastern block photography

  Want to see what's going on in the "other part" of Europe? You should check out the Sittcomm Award. It is aimed at discovering and presenting young artists from Central and Eastern Europe working with video & photography. Founded in 2006 by Lucia Nimcova and Roman Babjak, it soon became one of the best… Continue reading Eastern block photography

Photographic addiction

By taking photos we produce desire. That was one of the things Victor Sira mentioned on our last book making class. I must say that it struck me, thinking about my photography practice. According to Barthes, photographs contains only the referents, the desired objets, but the physical framed picture is a object off desire by… Continue reading Photographic addiction

Observations about “A film Unfinished”

The documentary film, A Film Unfinished, by director Yeal Hersonsky, uses found footage captured by the German army during the WW2.  The film is accompanied by director commentaries, interviews with Ghetto survivors, readings from the personal diaries of Adam Cherniakov, (the head of the Jewish Council), and detailed reports from ghetto commissioner Heinz Auerswald.  Also… Continue reading Observations about “A film Unfinished”