BREAKING GLASS- Solo Show Esther Boesche, June 30- July 10

Please join ICP Alumna Esther Boesche for her solo show "Breaking Glass" Esther Boesche is a multidisciplinary artist who was born in Northern Germany and lives and works in Brooklyn. In her work she is observing influences and characteristics of social, political and anthropological systems. Esther Boesche has studied Design and Photography at the Muthesius School of… Continue reading BREAKING GLASS- Solo Show Esther Boesche, June 30- July 10

A picture from my family recordings

And there is no longer something in me that says "I want to take pictures of you". You are no longer here. I'd have to think of taking pictures of something else. Come join me tomorrow for the opening for my show How this has to be told. Opening – March 17th, 2016  6:00 –… Continue reading A picture from my family recordings

Anna Ekros’s All Things Shining (Feb 20-22)

February 16, 2015, Long Island City, NY – Three days before Anna Ekros’s solo thesis show opening, I visited the ICP-Bard MFA studio to see the installation in progress. Two weeks earlier, I met her for an hour-long interview.   A large portrait of a young man greets you on the other side of the… Continue reading Anna Ekros’s All Things Shining (Feb 20-22)

“Vanity” (online exhibition)

This exhibition is inspired by Sebastiao Salgado’s black and white photograph of nude women of the Zo’é village of Towari Ypy, Brazil (2009). The focus is on the seven women on the left who are engaged in body painting using urucum—seeds from a Bixa orellana tree—in a sheltered hut made of tree leaves. Applying urucum… Continue reading “Vanity” (online exhibition)

Milagros’ Experience

For mami, the states was “la ultima coca cola en el desierto” (the last coca-cola in the desert). The best thing in the world. Her intentions were to come to the states and study medicine, but after a few months she realized not knowing the English language meant being stuck with the worst jobs. “Ni en… Continue reading Milagros’ Experience

Theresa Ortolani, PDN Winner

Incoming ICP-Bard MFA student, Theresa Ortolani, was chosen as a 2014 pdn FACES Portrait Photography Competition winner. This is the seventh time Ortolani's imagery has been selected as winner of a pdn competition. Previous works have been included in pdn's Environmental Portraiture, Sports, Documentary and Book competition categories, and have twice appeared in the pdn Annual. The complete group of 2014 pdn FACES images can… Continue reading Theresa Ortolani, PDN Winner

The New Beauty of Our Modern Life @ Higher Pictures

The New Beauty of Our Modern Life, on view at Higher Pictures through March 1, was curated by the digital painter-of-modern-life Kate Steciw and delivers an annual report for contemporary avant-gardism. For these artists, the Internet—encompassing all of modern culture and its technologies—is the primary support for their medium. Shall we call it Photography? I… Continue reading The New Beauty of Our Modern Life @ Higher Pictures

Upon Further Inspection

Zoe Strauss  WaWa Parking Lot (2008) Otto Umbehr (Umbo) Ruth Spinne, 1927 One would think that this photo is merely a broken mirrored image of a young woman. The perspective appears to be straight forward. Her gaze is looking directly back at the lens which seems it could be set squarely in front of her.… Continue reading Upon Further Inspection

Edits Self

SlideFest has come and gone. It’s a relief really. I am not much of a performer, and somewhere along the way ICP-Bard’s annual event to showcase first year work turned from a slide presentation to full-on theater. It says a lot about the experimental and creative nature of this program. For me, I needed a… Continue reading Edits Self

(THE SHOW IS ON) The Other Foot Here's a sneak peak of the show. Stop by this weekend! ICP-Bard MFA Studios, 24–20 Jackson Avenue, 3rd Floor, Long Island City, Queens Kathy Akey Laura A. Gonzalez Kasia Gumpert Marina Leybishkis Xavier Lujan Emilie Lundstrom Nina Mendez-Marti Juana Romero Aline Shkurovich Kkory Trolio Kim Weston and featuring a recreation of Alison Knowles' 1963… Continue reading (THE SHOW IS ON) The Other Foot