Hidden In Plain Sight

I was drawn to Sebastãio Salgado’s image by the hundreds of star-like dots. I wasn’t able to distinguish what I was seeing, only that it was obviously about an environment “untouched” by modern society. As I approached, I noticed a crocodile in the bottom of the frame and I realized that what I was confusing… Continue reading Hidden In Plain Sight

Art (and making good ramen)

I was walking around the East Village the other day, and since I’d been out all morning and hadn't eaten anything I was getting kind of hungry. I decided to check out a ramen joint my classmate Kathy told me about the other day. I was talking to her about the one I usually go… Continue reading Art (and making good ramen)

The Essential Tool

So my essential tool is an essential internal force. I have had a lifelong propensity towards disorganization, overlooking details, and sloppiness due to haste. This has manifested itself in all parts of my life, from my chicken-scrawl handwriting and lost points on algebra tests to forgetting to check my aperture before shooting and misplacing papers I intended to read.… Continue reading The Essential Tool