come out come out!  lots of good stuff to see until sunday evening, we’re on the third floor, stand Q08.  here are some images from the show.





Nandita Raman’s circular book ∏r²





Lynley Bernstein’s Baltimore





Winona Barton-Ballentine’s zine





Michi Jigargian’s FROM OURS TO YOURS free book project


2 thoughts on “BOOK FAIR”

  1. Hi, I’ve been to ICP-Bard stand at the NYBF on friday and I saw that you are organizing a symposium on “words and images” and I have just finished my MA in this subject at the University Paris VIII. Someone said you are still defining the program and organizing some panels. How can I get some more info or participate?

    1. Hi Sabrina,
      Yes! We are organizing a symposium to happen December 16 and 17 on words and images, it will be happening in conjunction with the MFA Unconference, a more informal approach to conferences where anyone can sign up for 20 minute slots to present work or a topic they’d like to discuss. There will be an online sign up for both the symposium and the Unconference, hopefully in the next month as we confirm speakers and times. Please feel free to contact me at for more information. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue.
      Many thanks,

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