LIC Arts Open 6!

ICP-Bard’s MFA program is participating in LIC Arts Open 6, beginning tonight 5/18.  The festival features many galleries and studios in the area and runs until Sunday 5/22.

Come check out ICP-Bard’s Open Studio group exhibition featuring the work of the 2015-2016 classes. The studios will be open from 1-6 pm.

ICP-Bard MFA Studios: 24-20 Jackson Ave. 3Fl. (subway E/M/G/7 to Court Sq.-23rd St)



The Morning After…Slidefest 2016 Roundup

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our class for this year’s Slidefest! We are so grateful and honored to share our work. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Two weeks leading up to the great day I was introducing each member of our class in their element on the @icpschool Instagram account.

The following is within the order I posted leading up to the momentous day last Friday May 6. This is a collection of what we – the class of 2017 – look like when we are at our best:

Hyungjo Moon


Emile Rubino


Gülsüm Kavuncu


Sasha Bush


Sam Margevicius


Cristina Velasquez


Melchior de Tinguy


Marla Hernandez


Nechama Winston

Theresa Ortolani, PDN Multimedia Winner

Saudade: Name of the Father, a multimedia presentation created for ICP-Bard MFA’s 2015 Slidefest, was selected as one of 11 PDN Photo Annual 2016 Multimedia Winners©TheresaOrtolani_00Earlier this year, the project was awarded Honorable Mention by the International Photography Awards in five categories: Portrait, Culture, Photo Essay, Deeper Perspective, and Moving Image

create_hmention_seal.phpSaudade: Name of the Father was also selected as a 2015 VISURA Multimedia Grant 1st Place Finalist, and a selection of photographs were included in the 2015 Seoul International Photo Festival and the New York Photo Festival

The feature length version of the film, Produced and Directed by Theresa Ortolani, is slated for 2017 release.

2017 ICP-Bard MFA, Theresa Ortolani is also a PhD candidate in The European Graduate School’s Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought Division
©TheresaOrtolani_02©TheresaOrtolani_03©TheresaOrtolani_04©TheresaOrtolani_05©TheresaOrtolani_06©TheresaOrtolani_000Images, Video, Story ©TheresaOrtolani 2016

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Jessica Thalmann at Contact Festival in Toronto


Jessica Thalmann, Pleats of Matter (Ross Building), 2016, Archival Pigment Print, 20 x 30 inches


Surface Tension

Jessica Thalmann & Ryan Van Der Hout

May 5–22

Reception: May 5, 6pm–9pm


Surface Tension joins two bodies of photo-based work by Jessica Thalmann and Ryan Van Der Hout. Both artists use archival documents to rethink the meaning of identity, history, memory, and loss by simultaneously defacing and exalting filmic and photographic objects.

Thalmann’s series Utopos attempts to understand the relationship between Brutalist architecture and traumatic histories involving protest, shootings, and violence. The project began by focusing on the 1992 Concordia University shooting, where her uncle was killed. Reflecting on the emotional implications of his death and its reverberations throughout her family, the artist distorts images of cold, monolithic Brutalist buildings, folding the photographs to create sculptural reliefs and organic forms.

Van Der Hout’s body of work, Creative Destruction, explores ideas of modernization, progress, and loss by etching into the surface of photographs from the Toronto archives. Working with images from 1890 to 1916, a period of rapid modernization in the city, he physically strips away portions of the chemical emulsion to create marks that veil, alter, or erase the past.

For both artists, the complex relationship between memory and the archive becomes prevalent as seemingly precious photographs are folded, torn, scraped, rubbed, and cut, simultaneously erasing and preserving a past half remembered.


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