Picasso’s Bull’s Head.

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 4.20.16 PM

I changed my mind about Picasso’s Bull’s Head as I wondered about its childlike ease. At first It  frustrated me that I did not use to think as much about objects around me as I had ought to do.

In the creating process  the creator will  often reach out, –  far away. I would drive to a trash place near my highschool where old furniture and technology items had been dumped, and at the time I though:t that’s how I make sculptures! I would look for ojects in order to create. I  never knew why I chose the  objects: e.g. a bathtub and some old lamps. And here I was making a sculpture-  an art  piece  I thought work!. Then later I came across this moment of wit: Picasso’s Bull’s Head from 1942: made from a bike saddle and handlebars. So pure and clear, no bullshit! It had no words. It had it all! It was annoyingly perfect in the way it was put together, – so sophisticated in its simpliticity.

I learned from this piece and I am still learning. It speaks to me about the transforming power of the human imagination and the identity of found objects.

It made me wonder about  objects and tools I use every day in order to create.

It”put my head in another corner” for a while, figuring out that most of the time things we need in order to create are not necessarily in a museum in a country across the ocean – this also counts when it comes to ideas and getting inspiration. But right there next to you, near your pillow, near your desk, across the room is the crack in cealing. What we have to concentrate on is our imagination.

Picasso’s piece learned me to think that in order to create you need to concentrate on your inner being. You need to feel what is important. Is it necessary to make this? Take this photograph? Then set your mind free in order to be playfull with what you have around you.

A bike, a bull! The power of power to be in one! The beauty that I find in this piece is also in it’s movement: from the tip of the round sharp iron opening in the handlebars to the soft rounding in the tip of the nose,- a place you once upon a time rested your bottom, now turned into a face, so heavily created by the human gravity, suddenly transformed into the soft face of a bull.

This bull is thin holding it’s horns straight up into the sky, standing tall against a white wall. It’s shadow and the wall turned into the shape of a bird standing on it’s head. I might be the only one experiencing this shadow as a bird!  This makes me get to think of the time I spent in Kenya where many birds would stand on the back of the bisson or the elephant and eat all the flies on their back. But try and spend some time looking at this piece, This sculpture piece is worth a look. I can look at it for hours and it makes my imagination flow. Its beauty does not need an explication – it just works! This piece is so annoyingly perfect!

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